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Complaints to Consumer-Protection Agencies

Below are some agencies that might offer help if you have been the victim of identity theft or an unfair or deceptive business practice. Some of these agencies provide the possibility of an informal resolution of your complaint, without the expense of hiring an attorney to take legal action. Even if your complaint is not resolved by one of these agencies, the record of your complaint might help to prevent similar harm to other consumers in the future. However, contacting these agencies may use up valuable time. You might benefit from legal advice before you contact these agencies or while you are waiting for a response from them. Every legal claim has a statute of limitations, which is the amount of time you have to file your claim in court. If that time runs out, you lose the right to pursue your claim in court. You should not let that time run out while you wait for these agencies or others to resolve your complaint. If you are approaching that time and need to take legal action, or if you would like legal advice, you should consult with the Law Office of Jeff Haynie, PLLC, or another attorney. Please see the important disclaimer at the bottom of this page.

SCORE is a non-profit organization that provides a wealth of free resources to small business owners, including mentoring by volunteers who are seasoned businessmen and women and other training opportunities.  Learn more here.

The Florida Department of State offers a Small Business Resource Guide that includes answers to common questions and links to commonly used forms regarding the formation, taxation and licensing of a business entity.  Get started here

Information and forms for forming or amending a business entity are also available from the FDOS here

The Florida Department of Revenue offers a New Business Start-Up Kit that covers important business-related taxation topics ranging from sales and use tax to reemployment tax.  Learn more here.

Anyone starting a business should also contact their local county tax collector to find out about any local business tax that must be paid.  Of course, it is advisable for any business owner to also seek individualized tax advice from a certified public accountant or other tax expert.

Many employers in Florida are required to maintain workers’ compensation insurance.  The Florida Department of Financial Services, Division of Workers’ Compensation provides a summary of the coverage requirements, exemptions and other related issues.  Learn more here, preferably before starting a business.

Many licenses that are required for business activities in Florida are issued by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation.  The FDBPR’s website provides information about licensing requirements and the opportunity to apply for a license online.  Learn more here.

The U.S. Small Business Administration offers a guide to starting a business, which is available here. The SBA also offers a number of funding programs for businesses.  Learn more here.

Homeowner Alert

Some home-repair contractors in Florida are taking advantage of home owners using an “assignment of benefits.” This is a provision in a contract giving the contractor, not the home owner, the right to control any claim made on the home owner’s insurance policy and to collect any funds paid by the insurance company. Before you sign a contract for home repairs, you should learn more about this. The Florida Department of Financial Services has provided some helpful information here.

Before Buying a Car

Whether it’s a new car or a used car, there are plenty of traps out there, so consumers should educate themselves before making a purchase.

Some helpful car-buying guides are provided by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles and by Clark Howard, a consumer advocate who has guides for buying a new car and for buying a used car.

Extra caution should be exercised when buying a used car. This is partly because the law permits the dealer to disclaim all warranties, meaning the dealer may avoid all responsibility for the condition of the car after it is sold. If the contract for a used car clearly states the car is sold “as is,” with no warranty, then the buyer might not have any recourse if/when the car breaks down – even if it breaks down immediately after the sale. It is wise to have the car examined by an independent mechanic before the sale is completed.

The sale of a used car is an opportunity for several kinds of fraud.  For example, a dealer might not disclose that a car was previously damaged in a wreck or a flood, or the odometer might have been tampered with to make the mileage look lower than it actually is.  Before buying a used car, it is wise to check into the car’s history.  The National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) is a good source of information.  Consumers may obtain a report with NMVTIS information, showing prior transfers of title and prior odometer readings, among other things.  You may learn more about the NMVTIS here, and order a report with NNVTIS information here.  

There is no “cooling off” period, or right of rescission, for car sales. There are few exceptions to this rule, so car buyers should not expect to be able to cancel a sale after signing a contract.

As always, it is very important to read and understand any contract before signing it.  You should not sign a contract to purchase a car if the terms are not completely filled in.  Be sure to get a copy of any contract you sign.  

Jeff VennJeff Venn
20:26 01 Apr 22
Jeff is a highly intelligent but chill and down to earth person. I recommend him for his honesty and straight-forward approach to practicing law. Highly recommend for business owners.
Kevin FeenstraKevin Feenstra
16:35 17 Sep 21
Mr. Haynie was a great help to me with an issue I had regarding a local business, he was able to direct me to several valuable resources that I was unaware of to assist with my issue. Thank you so much!
alien yero camejoalien yero camejo
18:54 10 May 21
I just called and the attention was excellent, thank you!
felica brooksfelica brooks
10:59 07 Jun 20
Absolutely great Attorney respectful and very efficient handled my case and did an awesome job i would hire Mr. Haynie 10 times over he stays on top of things and makes sure you know exactly what is happening from beginning to end i Definitely recommend Mr. Haynie only a phone call away thank you so much for your help
Richard RameyRichard Ramey
14:17 03 May 19
I was referred to Mr. H a short time ago due to an issue regarding a new vehicle purchase at a dealership (Car dealerships should be named “Stealerships”). Most attorneys would not be interested in dealing with a case like this, however Mr. H was more than happy to do so. He quickly resolved the issue for me, and at a great price. Being impressed with his quick & painless work for me, he has since worked on more business issues for me. He is now my attorney for my businesses & me personally, and I cannot say enough good things about him. He is a phone call away. If you cannot get in touch with him the first time, simply leave him a message or email him. Unlike most firms, HE responds to you as quickly as possible. When I say HE, I really mean HE actually reaches out to you (unlike some other places that advertise on TV.....). I cannot say enough good things about him, he is great to deal with. He is actually the first attorney that I have ever dealt with that I actually trust.